FAQ for Derek Price, Kentucky Graphic Designer“This Design Tastes Great…But How Nutritious Is It?”

This FAQ reference is here to save potential Graphic Design and Web Design clients time in making an informed decision. I have also included links to services I recommend.

If you do not see the answer to your question below, then feel free to contact me with your query. I will be happy to answer it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept both checks and money orders, payable to Derek Price. I also accept credit cards, and debit cards, as well as Paypal. All of my invoicing, plus secure online payments are made via Freshbooks. Clients receive their own user accounts, which they may then log in to at any time to make payments or see the status of their retainers.

What is your policy for accepting payments?

It is my policy to collect a payment up front to begin work. When I work on larger projects, I collect a deposit up front, usually half. You may pay the balance when the work is completed. I am flexible regarding payment plans. However, the finished product will only be delivered when the total amount has been collected. Please note that once you have received proof of work (logo comps, a link to the website in progress), your deposit is nonrefundable.

How much do you charge for (this particular service)?

Every job is unique. Therefore I do not publish pricing. Please contact me for a quote.

Can you register my domain name and/or hosting for me?

Yes, I have helped countless clients register domain names and hosting, at no extra charge. I can walk you through it via phone, or I can even complete the process myself. I have even provided free consultation regarding domain name choice. Baffled as to what to call your domain? Not so sure you're making the right choice? Let's put our heads together and discuss pros and cons.

What is your policy regarding website updates?

I do offer website updates, based on retainers paid up front. We will work together to determine what the best amount for you will be, based on your needs and budget, relative to my hourly rate. When I complete the work that you have paid for in advance, we can negotiate another retainer. Then we will begin the process again. I typically perform updates on the same day, during normal business hours.

If you decide to choose another designer later, I will provide all of the files and information you need. No questions asked.

If you build a website for me, do I pay you a monthly fee to keep it online?

No, your website will stay live and online, as long as you keep paying your registrar/web host. The only additional fees would be for providing updates and changes after we go live.

I like (this particular feature) on (this particular website). Can you incorporate it in mine?

I love trying new things, as well as expanding my skills. If you want it, but I don't know how to do it, I will look into the logistics. Email me with your challenge today!

What kind of files will I receive when the product is finished? Will I then be able to use my logo for (insert application here)?

When I finish your logo design, you will receive a digital download link containing all of your files. I will include Pantone color matched vector files (EPS or PDF), with and without effects, if applicable, as well as transparent PNG files, and/or JPG files. If you need additional formats and sizes, then just ask!

How much would you charge for (insert project here)?

Again, each project is unique. Expect to pay more for a project featuring a full color, 16-page booklet than one with a two panel, black and white insert. Email me for a quote, we can then discuss your options.

Do you offer printing for your designs?

I do not offer printing services, so instead, I recommend consulting with local businesses who do a high volume of printing.

Would it cost more for a larger size, a brochure, etc?

I may or may not charge more for a tabloid size design than a letter size design. A job requiring multiple panels, such as a brochure, will cost more. This is mainly due to the time copy and layout work require.

What file format should I send to the printer?

Most printers accept a high resolution PDF or JPG file for advertising pieces. I always back up all of my work in layers, so your particular printer requests a different file format, I can provide it.

Can we use (this particular copyrighted image, music, video, or content)?

Unless the copyright holder has given express written consent for their material to be used, I will not comply to this request. I only use royalty free materials otherwise.

What is your privacy policy?

I will never sell nor distribute your personal information in any way. I may however, feature your testimonial and project on this website, with your permission.