AWA tag team tournament wrestling poster designAWA World-1 Wrestling

Valdosta, GA

Ramma-lamma-lamma – Rock n’ Roll is King! It is always fun when I have a project that involves one of my outside interests. Whether it’s designing band merchandise such as one-inch buttons, or a wrestling poster design such as this one, I always have an edge because of my passion for the subject matter.

Years ago, the AWA pro wrestling promotion was once one of my main clients. During this time, the AWA was divided into several regional offices in the USA run by independent promoters. The Georgia based World-1 South group hired me to create this poster for an upcoming event in Ellaville. A tournament featuring 80s stalwart tag team stars the Rock n’ Roll Express was the main event of the evening.

Old school pro wrestling poster design

I poured through a few of my old coffee table wrestling books to find the perfect old photo to feature. Ricky and Robert are putting their dukes up, ready for action. Then I scanned in an old bandanna to frame in the classic babyface team. My actual bandanna was turquoise, but I recolored it pink to make it pop over the blue grunge background. I used the Mesquite “Wild West” style font for the main title “Old School Tag Team Tournament”, and a grunge stamp style font throughout for a strong, masculine feel. The vintage disco style font for the words “3rd Annual” tops the design off with a flamboyant flair. Finally, I tilted the elements in the foreground to help the art catch a few more eyes.

Hire me for your wrestling poster design

We made a big hit with this new school take on an old school design. Are you a promoter with an upcoming wrestling or sports event? You need a professional poster design! Tag me in and we’ll make history together!