Prayer book cover designGeorge Thompson

Greenville, KY

George Thompson is a pastor in my hometown in Western Kentucky, and is one of the first humans I can remember knowing. George has authored several books on theology and travel. He approached me to reimagine his Lord’s Prayer book cover design for a reprint a new publisher was releasing.

I actually formatted his manuscript for their size and specifications, making a few minor edits, in addition to designing the jacket art. Read about the beginning of my journey as a Christian book designer.

Lord’s Prayer Book Cover Design Story

First, I set out to create a graphic design for this dust jacket with other classic devotionals in mind. Purple is a color which is often regarded as a spiritual color. This dates back to its rarity in Biblical times. Therefore, I created the cover’s background in pink and purple hues.

I then applied a blur filter to a royalty free stock image to complete the effect. Later, I enhanced the light elements of the image to suggest glowing rays of light peeking out of clouds.

The light centers on the book’s cover, in order to highlight the familiar “praying hands” pen and ink illustration. These give it a celestial feel. I focused on typography to create a high end feel for this volume.

The book’s title colors are deep purple gradients. This creates contrast against the lighter background. I set the words “LESSONS ON THE” in a classy sans serif font with extra spacing to justify its width over the words “LORD’S PRAYER”. I typed them in a tall, condensed specialty font that exudes class. Finally, I added a white “shadow” behind the text to give it a little more depth.

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