Christian book cover design for Revelation of JesusDr. Gregory Kasten

Lexington, KY

Dr. Kasten is a Bible scholar focusing on the Book of Revelation. He hired me for his prophecy commentary, since my other book jacket designs impressed him. Specifically, I have created Christian book cover design for a number of other Kentucky authors. I dove headfirst into the role of Bible commentary cover designer.

Christian book cover design story

The author suggested a few stock images to use for the cover. He had a specific vision in mind, but he needed a professional graphic designer to bring it to life.

I weaved a collage of images together that were both literal and abstract. The Book of Revelation contains many passages that elicit different interpretations. As such, this Christian book cover design centers around a bright burst of light. It breaks through what could possibly be a desert scene. Clouds surrounding the burst also vaguely resemble a bearded figure appearing in the sky.

Since the image was so vibrant and fantastic, I decided I should keep the typography simple. I used the popular, yet reliable, sans serif font Myriad Pro. After that decision, I centered the main title “Revelation” over the burst of light. Then, I employed a blending mode in order to give it a spiritual, airy transparency.

I set the subtitle “Prophecy from Jesus” in a smaller font size over the “red clay” toward the bottom.

On the back of the book jacket, I juxtaposed a silhouette implied to be Jesus with a passage from the Book of Revelation. Both of these dark images float over a background that mirrors the deep orange and blue “sunset” scheme from the front cover.

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