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Christian book cover design for Revelation of JesusDr. Gregory Kasten

Lexington, KY

Dr. Kasten is a Bible scholar focusing on the Book of Revelation. He hired me for his prophecy commentary, since my other book jacket designs impressed him. Specifically, I have created Christian book cover design for a number of other Kentucky authors. I dove headfirst into the role of Bible commentary cover designer.

Christian book cover design story

The author suggested a few stock images to use for the cover. He had a specific vision in mind, but he needed a professional graphic designer to bring it to life.

I weaved a collage of images together that were both literal and abstract. The Book of Revelation contains many passages that elicit different interpretations. As such, this Christian book cover design centers around a bright burst of light. It breaks through what could possibly be a desert scene. Clouds surrounding the burst also vaguely resemble a bearded figure appearing in the sky.

Since the image was so vibrant and fantastic, I decided I should keep the typography simple. I used the popular, yet reliable, sans serif font Myriad Pro. After that decision, I centered the main title “Revelation” over the burst of light. Then, I employed a blending mode in order to give it a spiritual, airy transparency.

I set the subtitle “Prophecy from Jesus” in a smaller font size over the “red clay” toward the bottom.

On the back of the book jacket, I juxtaposed a silhouette implied to be Jesus with a passage from the Book of Revelation. Both of these dark images float over a background that mirrors the deep orange and blue “sunset” scheme from the front cover.

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Book jacket art for Response to Grace - Kentucky Christian book cover designTroy Napier

Georgetown, KY

Troy C. Napier is an author from neighboring Georgetown, Kentucky. He contacted me to design the book jacket art for his first commentary The Response to Grace. Troy chose me because of my success working with other Christian authors. My reputation as a Christian book cover design artist was growing.

Troy, happily displaying the finished product.

Troy, happily displaying the finished product.

Book Jacket Art For Kentucky Author

Since Troy did not have a specific vision in for this project, I worked with him to come up with the right book jacket art concept. First, he provided me with samples of some book layouts that he liked, in order to outline their positive aspects. I then pitched a few concepts based on different passages of scriptures in the Bible.

For example, I proposed centering the art around a close up photo of an ear (Matthew 11:15). Also, I thought of a runner lacing up his shoes and crouching at the starting line (Hebrews 12:1). Finally, we agreed on the concept of a fisherman. This idea was based on Jesus calling his first disciples in Matthew 4.

I first incorporated a royalty free stock image of a fisherman casting his net out on the water for the focal point of the book jacket art. I softened the edges of the photo and blended it into the grunge texture background. Afterward, I set the cover text in a classic serif font, mixing weights of that same font for variety.

The back cover features a picture of a net. Hundreds of fish fill the net to the brim. The book’s title text is reversed out of it. A compass image adorns the bottom of the book below the author’s photo and bio. The book is available as a paperback, as well as in Kindle format on Amazon.

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"Lessons on Strengthening the Church" book cover graphic designGeorge Thompson

Greenville, KY

Here is another book cover graphic design for my old friend George. The author has also been a pastor here in Kentucky for many years. This is a short guide he wrote for growing and strengthening church congregations. As such, I chose to go the literal route with this cover design. Come along with me to the next stop in my journey as a Christian book cover artist.

Christian book cover artist – graphic design story

George liked my idea of juxtaposing a weightlifter along with a shining stained glass window overhead. I simplified the stock photo of the athlete lifting weights to a sepia tone. This makes it a subtle image without completely losing it in the black background, since the stained glass window and the title itself are the main elements. I faded the image of the bench press behind the description on the back of the jacket so the text in front of it is legible.

The title on the front cover has a red grunge frame similar to a rubber stamp. I used the LHF Pilsner Script for the words “Lessons On” for a weighty, vintage feel. “Strengthening the Church” is fittingly set in a strong serif block font. The red and white title pop on the stark black background.

His publisher has very exact standards for formatting. Since that is not his forte, the author requested my help. George entrusted me with the finished format of his original manuscript. I also arranged its indexes to the publisher’s specifications. Buy the book in paperback on Amazon. See also my design for George’s “Lessons on the Lord’s Prayer” cover design.

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I truly enjoyed working on this art since physical fitness and spiritual fitness are important to me. I also enjoy visualizing concepts that I am not as familiar with. In some cases you actually can judge a book by its cover!

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Prayer book cover designGeorge Thompson

Greenville, KY

George Thompson is a pastor in my hometown in Western Kentucky, and is one of the first humans I can remember knowing. George has authored several books on theology and travel. He approached me to reimagine his Lord’s Prayer book cover design for a reprint a new publisher was releasing.

I actually formatted his manuscript for their size and specifications, making a few minor edits, in addition to designing the jacket art. Read about the beginning of my journey as a Christian book designer.

Lord’s Prayer Book Cover Design Story

First, I set out to create a graphic design for this dust jacket with other classic devotionals in mind. Purple is a color which is often regarded as a spiritual color. This dates back to its rarity in Biblical times. Therefore, I created the cover’s background in pink and purple hues.

I then applied a blur filter to a royalty free stock image to complete the effect. Later, I enhanced the light elements of the image to suggest glowing rays of light peeking out of clouds.

The light centers on the book’s cover, in order to highlight the familiar “praying hands” pen and ink illustration. These give it a celestial feel. I focused on typography to create a high end feel for this volume.

The book’s title colors are deep purple gradients. This creates contrast against the lighter background. I set the words “LESSONS ON THE” in a classy sans serif font with extra spacing to justify its width over the words “LORD’S PRAYER”. I typed them in a tall, condensed specialty font that exudes class. Finally, I added a white “shadow” behind the text to give it a little more depth.

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