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Booking Logo Design by Derek Price, Graphic DesignerThe Gagne Group

Rochester, MN

The chairman of this entertainment booking company had worked with me on several projects before. For this new project, he requested a classy, sturdy mark to represent his brand. The right booking logo design is extremely important to establish a company’s image.

Booking logo design story

We met several times to brainstorm the right image. During our meetings, my client decided on a logo hearkening back to Greco Roman fonts and architecture. The popular Trajan Pro serif font nails the look he desired. It is a familiar. Everyone uses it. However, it is a timeless go-to font. The word “The” on the top gives the mark a touch of modern class, since it is set in the LHF Tideway Script. I then embossed all of the logo lettering so as to give it a chiseled effect. That effect, along with the the brown stroke, make the yellow text appear gilded.

Finally, I added a subtle shadow that gives the words depth. After I finished my work on the fonts, I focused on the background shape. It is a mix between a roof and a shield, rounded at the bottom. The “roof” invokes images of the Parthenon, as well as many other classical structures. I styled the background with a pattern of grey clouds. This pattern simulates marble. I also added an inside stroke emboss to give it more depth and a high end engraved feel. Perfect for a booking logo design.

Last of all, I added an outside stroke, shadow, and a white overlay to give it a glossy shine. The final product pleased my client, to say the least. In addition to the full color logo with effects, I also included a simple black and white version. I always provide my customers with files for any application. Whether you need to use your logo on uniforms, print ads, or billboards, I have you covered.

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