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Karaoke album art design for country music CDWellington Beck Music Group

Nashville, TN

The groundbreaking “American Country Hits” series rolled on with the latest installment, Volume 19. Each volume includes both a “Hits” version (covers recorded by studio musicians) and a “Karaoke” version with instrumental tracks only. The karaoke album art design version that I created is pictured above.

Karaoke album art design story

This time out, I decided I should use a deep turquoise background. I blended a mottled grunge pattern that resembled marble into the rich greenish blue color. Then, I created an inner shadow layer effect for it. This effect fades into the background from a light to dark shade.

I also added a bright white burst brush shape located in the center of the artwork. I situated it between the background and the main title logo layers. When I added a glow layer effect to it, it really made it shine. It also caused the main title text to pop off of the screen.

After that, I contrasted the background elements against the main title. This title uses the same logo I created for the previous installments of the series. I set the words in the LHF Boston Truckstyle font. I proceeded to color it with a rusty shade of red, then added both satin and inner shadow effects to the letters. A light golden yellow inside stroke came together with a thicker brown outline in order to complete the title text’s rustic theme.

All of the elements come together to create an outstanding karaoke album art design. This, as well as all of the other installments in the series, is available on many online music retailers. These include Amazon, iTunes, and many others.

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Nashville Country Hits - Digital Download Graphic Design

Wellington Beck Music Group

Nashville, TN

This is a digital download graphic design for a compilation of many popular country music singles of the day. This series is much like digital albums such as Kidz Bop and NOW! That’s What I Call Music. The collection of songs is exclusively available online via iTunes, Amazon, and other online music outlets.

It is a part of the long running series of cover albums produced by Wellington Beck that I designed art for. Quick turnaround was the name of the game for these projects. I excelled at exceeding my client’s expectations on time, each and every time.

Digital download graphic design for country music single

My client requested me to base the album artwork concept on the hit ABC TV series Nashville. I mimicked the show’s mix of serif and condensed sans serif fonts, as well as the bright pink and grey color scheme. The music publisher also made the request that I incorporate an image of a vintage tube television. I started with these ideas, and then decided to expand on them.

Finally, I incorporated a retro television “test pattern” graphic to complete the image’s layout. Many older listeners and fans of the days when television stations signed off for the night with similar images enjoyed this touch. I made an instant hit with both my client and their listeners.

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These album art web graphics are among some of my favorite projects. I found it exciting whenever a new assignment would come across my desk.

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Country cd art designer - Music Digital Download Compilation ArtworkWellington Beck Music Group

Nashville, TN

I thoroughly enjoyed the time when I worked for Wellington Beck Music Group as a country CD art designer. The Nashville based music publisher sold digital music via Amazon mp3 and iTunes, as well as many other online outlets.

Country CD art designer story

This is a compilation of popular country singles featuring the steer skull mascot from their “American Country Hits” series.

Wellington Beck asked me to recreate a $100 United States dollar bill with the steer skull instead of Benjamin Franklin’s portrait. I desaturated the colors from the original image, then blended it into the oval portrait in the center using Adobe Photoshop.

I was particularly happy with how the texture of the dollar bills turned out. It adds a much needed air of realism. The simulated currency looks like actual crinkled American dollars. The green cowboy hat stamped over the characters spelling out the number “100” also looks great.

A dark brown wood grain patterned table completes the rustic look, which you can expect from a good country CD art designer. The final result turned out to be a huge seller for the digital music publisher, and still is in streaming rotation today. We did not leave any cold, hard cash on the table when it came to this project!

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