Maximum Country: 100 Hits – Digital Download

Country cd art designer - Music Digital Download Compilation ArtworkWellington Beck Music Group

Nashville, TN

I thoroughly enjoyed the time when I worked for Wellington Beck Music Group as a country CD art designer. The Nashville based music publisher sold digital music via Amazon mp3 and iTunes, as well as many other online outlets.

Country CD art designer story

This is a compilation of popular country singles featuring the steer skull mascot from their “American Country Hits” series.

Wellington Beck asked me to recreate a $100 United States dollar bill with the steer skull instead of Benjamin Franklin’s portrait. I desaturated the colors from the original image, then blended it into the oval portrait in the center using Adobe Photoshop.

I was particularly happy with how the texture of the dollar bills turned out. It adds a much needed air of realism. The simulated currency looks like actual crinkled American dollars. The green cowboy hat stamped over the characters spelling out the number “100” also looks great.

A dark brown wood grain patterned table completes the rustic look, which you can expect from a good country CD art designer. The final result turned out to be a huge seller for the digital music publisher, and still is in streaming rotation today. We did not leave any cold, hard cash on the table when it came to this project!

Hire me to be your Country CD art designer

Do you work with a music publisher? Perhaps you own your own independent record label. You may offer digital music, along with traditional physical CDs. You know better than anyone that image is just as important as the music that accompanies it. Instead of trying to do it yourself, or relying on a cut rate, fly by night firm, you should hire a pro with years of experience. Contact me today and put your money where your mouth is!