Mascot Shirt Design for Main Street Costumes in KentuckyMain Street Costumes

Greenville, KY

Main Street Costumes needed a mascot shirt design that captured the essence of their local, year round costume shop. The design features a photo of a six foot tall, one-eyed skull. This gross, yet lovable, creature greeted those who drove by the shop, and was a fixture downtown for years. For the design, I surrounded the skull with a familiar cast of characters who were simultaneously both creepy and festive.

Mascot shirt design story

First, the owners Clint and Lori Cobb provided me with a high resolution photo of their familiar skull mascot. Also, they sent vector images of other famous characters that they had commissioned drawings of. These included Santa Claus, Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, a wicked witch, Uncle Sam, the Grim Reaper, and the Easter Bunny. I accepted the challenge to feature these colorful images in front of the shop’s “road sign” logo in a simplified four color screen print.

I reduced the surrounding characters to shades of grey, and simplified the skull to a black and white image. However, I recolored the bloodshot white of the eye, and the blue pupil. This is a great solution to the characters, since they originally needed too many solid colors to screen print at a reasonable cost. This also allows these elements to still stand out, framed in turquoise and surrounded by the colorful text, road sign logo, and hypnotic red circles.

I used a vintage style specialty font for the main text “Home of Giant Skull!”, styled with a red to white gradient. “Mainstreetcostumes.com” is set in light green using the familiar font used for TV’s The Simpsons.

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