Rock concert poster design - Concert flyer for Aireline in Owensboro, KY.The Brothers Pizza

Owensboro, KY

The Brothers Pizza was a great place to see live music and enjoy mouth watering Chicago style pizza. This rock concert poster design was inspired by my friend Andy (of Spirit filled metalcore kings A Plea for Purging)’s newly shaven head.

Rock concert poster design story

First, I started off with a photograph I had taken at a previous show of Andy’s newly bald head. Then, I removed the background and roughened the edges of his outline using Adobe Photoshop. I added some noise filters and also increased the saturation for an illustration effect. I used the paintbrush tool to spell out the band names in order to simulate shaving cream.

Between the information blocks, I placed black silhouettes of vintage straight razors as dividers. I set all of the text in a specialty handwriting style font. Finally, I added a series of purple silhouettes which depict modern disposable razors between Andy’s head and the black background. I arranged them in four columns at angles, which serve to draw your eye to the center of the composition.

A thick white frame boxes in the rest of the elements, but the modern style razors poke out in front of it. This technique helps to add depth to the overall piece. The pink, purple, and black combination creates a high contrast pop art feel. I have probably made hundreds of poster designs over the years. This is one of my favorites. Despite the head shaving theme having nothing to do with the show, it still caught people’s attention. The bands, the club, and many of the fans in attendance loved it. It also help drum up additional print design business.

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pop album art design - Singer Nathan Morris "Say Something" EP CDNathan Morris

“The Say Something EP”

Singer songwriter Nathan Morris is an old friend who hails from Owensboro, KY.  I designed this CD slip layout, which he used for his 2004 debut EP. Since “Natmo” dug the previous stickers and pop album art design I’d made for him, he hit me up again to create this CD art.

Pop album art design story

First, Nathan supplied me with the posed photography from a session he had taken at a local laundromat. His only directions to me were to keep it simple. He instructed me to use a color scheme that was both minimal and cool. I combined a mint green shade with a dark sky blue in order to achieve the effect.

First, I converted the front and back photos to black and white. Using Adobe Photoshop, I then cut out Nathan from the backgrounds. I did it in a sloppy, imprecise manner to give it a homemade, DIY feel. By keeping Nathan in black and white, while colorizing the background behind him, I made his image a focal point that really popped. This is ideal to introduce a solo artist via pop album art design.

Throughout the design, I used a combination of two fonts. The main title font has a feel that can only be described as retro futuristic. I supplemented it with one of my favorite fonts, the tall and bold face Big Noodle Titling. At the suggestion of my then-roommate Adam, I tilted the song title list on the back at the same angle that Nathan is leaning against the wall at. I also tilted the main title text on the front of the CD slip, displaying it on top of white strips which mimic electrical tape. Finally, I simplified another photo of Nathan to make a silhouette on the CD face itself. I repeated the white strips as a 90 degree border, and also turned the text itself on it’s side.

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