Guided by Voices Limited Edition Poster Print

Guided by Voices poster sale - Lexington, KY concert print - officially licensed

Guided by Voices commissioned me to design this original art print for their tour date October 6, 2017 in Lexington, KY. I printed a limited run of 100, and sold them at their merch table. I have a just few left over, so pick up this Guided By Voices poster for yourself! $5 US Shipping, or $14 International.

More about this Guided by Voices poster

The legendary alternative rock band Guided by Voices took my hometown of Lexington, KY by storm on their 2017 tour. The show quickly sold out the iconic local venue The Burl. The band’s management team tapped me to design the official show poster. They also allowed me to sell the posters at their own merch table. I sold most of them that night, but I still have a very limited number available. Each poster is both hand numbered by myself and officially licensed by the band.

This show was an unforgettable night for everyone who was in attendance. Concertgoers who picked up the posters gave me many compliments regarding these prints. I overcame my irrational fear of realistic horse masks in order to make my vision come to life. The signature elements of bourbon, local beer brewing, and horse racing all tip their distinct hats to the city of Lexington, Kentucky. A stained glass window frame circles the horse headed bartender, which echoes the signature design found onstage at The Burl. Its rustic wooden walls and floors, which I lovingly paid tribute to in this poster art design, have brought this venue fame. When the show was over, the band thanked me and also said they dug the print’s artwork. Talk about an ego boost for me!

Buy your own copy of this limited edition Guided by Voices poster before they are all gone!