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Lexington, KY

My neighbor Drew was starting up his own home repair business. It just so happened that I needed some repair work done on my home. As luck would have it, he also needed a contractor logo design for his company. We struck up a barter deal for each of our respective services, then we both got to work!

Contractor logo design story

Drew and his partner Daniel wanted to represent their brand with a simple, classic mark. Specifically, they wanted art that was text based, with subtle image elements. They needed big, bold art that got right to the point, but did not have any specific font or element in mind. Rather, they desired a specific turquoise shade. I used this information to draw up a series of comps.

Out of all of my sketches, Drew chose the version with a simple italicized, bold serif font. Inside the line separating the two words, I reversed out “LLC” in the ubiquitous Helvetica Bold font. On either side of that, I placed circular Phillips head screw shapes. These subtle elements reinforce the home repair business category. The right screw shape also implies a dot on top of the lowercase “i” in the word “Repairs”.

Finally, the capital “R”‘s in each of the words connect. The company could use this separate mark in alternate branding applications, from uniform embroidery to vehicle wraps. I was happy with the drywall work performed by my new client. Drew and Daniel were thrilled with their new contractor logo design. Win/win!

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The word “resolute” is a synonym for “determined”. Whether it comes to your print or web image, I am resolute to help you to look your best. Does your company need a contractor logo design? Send me a message today.