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Sara Drury - life coach website design for podcasterSara Drury

Lexington, KY

Sara Drury is a long time friend. Throughout the years, she has worked with me on projects off and on. In the Summer of 2019, she approached me about revamping her website, since she would soon be releasing a new book. She was transitioning away from a makeup focused business model to a holistic one that benefitted many aspects of women’s lives. As such, she needed to change her primary web domain name. I contacted her domain registrar directly in order to get all of that sorted out. I had a lot of ideas on how to help her reorganize the content on her life coach website design.

There was no time to waste, so Sara and I got to work on brainstorming right away.

Life Coach Website Design story – Layout and Design

As we exchanged ideas, it became apparent that she needed to emphasize the ways potential clients could engage with her. Sara’s main point of entry at that juncture was a free PDF workbook offer. The existing site displayed it both as a featured area above the fold on her site and in a popup. The call to action added potential customers to her email list funnel. She also hosted a weekly podcast, usually focusing on female empowerment, which sometimes featured business leaders as guests. With her book launch looming, we brainstormed ways to update both the layout and copy to help guide users more effectively.

Sara Drury refers to her business’s specific brand of life coaching as “magik”. Her method focuses on helping women nationwide find success. She specifically stresses that practicing meditation can tap into the strength found in the subconscious mind. Positive affirmation mantras are also useful keys for building her clients’ confidence. That could conceivably sound intimidating or fishy to those who are uninitiated. Therefore, it was very important for the site to appear as friendly as possible. Sara’s spunky and inviting personality comes across in the redesign. Everything from the photography, to the icons, to the font choices is important in getting this across to her visitors.

Life Coach Website Design Colors

Sara sent me a very helpful guide for her brand’s media assets. It consisted of the hex colors I needed to adhere to. Bold, vibrant shades of pink and red leap off of the page. The occasional mint green accent gives just the right amount of spice to the palette. Otherwise, the site is mostly a clean, white background throughout. This lets the site breathe.

Life coach website design client Sara Drury

The Magik Maker herself, Sara Drury!

Content Optimization for Life Coach Website Design

As far as her changes in content went, we discussed several ways in which we could streamline it. We whittled down the menu to a much more laser focused four items. We chose to de-emphasize any pages and posts that continued to promote her skincare and makeup tutorials. Since her business model was changing, the site’s content needed to follow suit. As Donald Miller is prone to say on his podcast, “If you confuse, you lose.” In fact, his best selling book The Story Brand is a mutual favorite of Sara’s and mine. We referred to it often while finding the overall tone of her redesigned site.

Sara tasked me with editing her biography as well, which was featured on the About page. She provided a great starting point. From there, I edited a few of her grammatical and spelling errors. Afterward, I tightened up some of her sentences’ structures to make them flow better. I made sure to add all of the appropriate links and images. I did this in order to give her potential clients the complete picture of Sara’s personality. That way, the services she could provide to them would become much clearer.

Business Coach Website Designer – Finishing Touches

I added a podcast player for her “Inner Beauty School” show in a discreet grey colored strip at the top of the home page. It incorporated Sara’s Libsyn RSS feed information, so that users could subscribe to the podcast right from their mobile phones. Alternately, they could choose to download the newest episode of the podcast. I also reconfigured her blog section to feature the most recent podcast episode in each entry, with optimized show descriptions.

Finally, Sara had a few important lead capturing pages already set up off site. These served as order pages for her books and workbooks, which in turn added people to her email list. I made one last run through of all of her content so I could make sure that those pages were properly set up and linked. At last, everything on the site was well organized, and in harmony with the corresponding lead capturing pages.

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Finally, we wrapped up the production on her new life coach website design. Afterward, Sara and I agreed to continue working on the site’s content together going forward. I committed to help her to keep the site regularly updated. My duties also included keeping each of her blog posts optimized. This would help Google and other search engines to find them more easily. We have also made a pact to help each others’ businesses grow by leveraging each of our spheres of influence.

Visit the redesigned here!

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Responsive library web design for Cynthiana, KY public libraryCynthiana Harrison County Public Library

Cynthiana, KY

Word gets around amongst Kentucky librarians! I have done print and web work for Muhlenberg County Public Libraries for years. Because of this, MCPL’s director recommended me to the staff at nearby Cynthiana’s library system. Cynthiana-Harrison County desperately needed a new library web design to replace their dated online presence.

Library web design colors and appearance in Kentucky

Cynthiana’s staff reached out to me with a long list of features to add, as well as content to update. Their existing site was nothing short of a relic. It had not been upgraded in years, and was not compatible with modern users’ phones and tablets. In short, the library web design needed a complete makeover to bring it up to date.

The first order of business was replacing the drab maroon and grey color scheme. I instead used a clean, bright pallet of blues and light greens. These colors lined up nicely with their new “tree and building blocks” themed logo design.

Features incorporated in new library web design

A pleasing, modern appearance is important, but if the site lacks important features, it is worthless. I worked closely with the staff to craft a site true to their slogan “Branching Out Into the Community”. From the top down, Cynthiana’s redesign is feature packed, both for tech savvy users and others who are not. Every important feature sitewide is easy to find from the home page. Whether customers are using tablets, phones, or their desktops, the site is fully responsive.

Patrons can search the library catalog directly from the search box in the header. They may also drill down by choosing from categories in the site’s menu. The menu also outlines all of the many programs, services, and spaces the library offers. As the user scrolls down this library web design, the menu sticks to the top of the browser window and follows them.

A responsive slider sits beneath the menu. It highlights key content throughout the site with relevant images. I stress to my clients the importance of featuring real people engaging in their products and services. It was evident right away that Cynthiana’s library is a crucial community hub. The photos throughout the site reflect this so well.

Below the slider, three columns of widgets expand on what the library offers. The Announcements section lists excerpts of both library and community news. It links to the library’s blog for further information. In the middle, graphics link to online apps and services. The right column features a list of upcoming events. When users mouse over each listing, a graphic and excerpt pops up. They may click to register for each event and access more information.

Visit the site here.

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