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Cryptilith metal band logo designCryptilith

Cynthiana, KY

The Kentucky based Thrash Metal group Cryptilith enlisted me to create a new logo for them. Their burgeoning ensemble requested a classic metal band logo with a few modifications. After fielding a quick phone call regarding their specifications, I set out to prove that they had come to the right designer.

Metal band logo story

Band members Shane and Cody provided a list of marks they liked from an assortment of both classic and modern metal bands. They then challenged me to create a similar aesthetic. Their taste leaned toward mildly ornate, yet legible, Old English lettering, rather than the hard to read “splatter” style logos favored by Black Metal bands. They were looking for a specific shade of bluish purple. Also, they requested an embossed variant, which would incorporate a marble texture.

After selecting the appropriate ancient style font as a base, I edited the characters to to their specs. The capital “C” in particular evolved into something completely different. It started out as a rounded crescent combined with classical ornamentation. I took great pains to make sure the metal band logo was symmetrical throughout. This involved elongating some characters, removing some of the stock flourishes, and sharpening a few of the edges. Overall, it retains the same dark edge employed by bands such as Opeth, while eschewing their complex ornamentation.

The finished product thrilled each band member. It thrilled me as well, since I could once again combine my loves of independent music and graphic design into the same project.

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