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Houston, TX

My former employer Gary Gunn introduced me to Brian Gillis, a former auto repair shop owner seeking to start a training business. His new company would focus on all aspects of automotive repair, specializing in service advisors working at the front counter. Since Gary trusted me years ago to handle his business coaching website design, I was the ideal candidate to do the same for Brian.

Business Coaching Website Design story

This was a huge project, which was months in the making. While I squared away the nuts and bolts of Brian’s site, he was busy behind the scenes seeking out his initial clientele. Other repair shop owners ran in the same circles with him for years, so he was a trusted figure. We planned out a comprehensive strategy for both the form and function of the site.

This business coaching website hosts both free video clips and members only content. The site is divided into a host of libraries. Each one houses an archive of weekly webinars covering a specific aspect of the automotive repair business. Brian and his clients deep dive into these topics in each webinar. They also meet in person at conferences a few times per year.

Other features of the site include a calendar of upcoming workshops and conferences. I also created a chart comparing the four membership levels for potential customers. The orange menu button is a call to action urging visitors download a free strategy guide and opt into the email list. Finally, I connected all of the secure contact forms on the site to the company’s Mailchimp account. Each one is organized by its own tag. The business coaching website design was complete.

Once I completed the website build, Brian and his team contracted me to keep the site updated. Each week, I edit and upload YNR’s webinars to the site. I also edit and post the free video clips and blog entries, handling SEO duties for each. Check out the site here!

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Honor Circle consulting logo design for business coach in KentuckyTurnaround Tour

Bowling Green, KY

Gary Gunn was a long time employer and later a freelance client who coached independent automotive repair shop owners. When I worked with him full time, he had me redesign his website, as well as his brands’ logos. Honor Circle was his premium monthly business coaching program. Here is the story of this consulting logo design.

Consulting logo design story

Since this program catered to Gary’s highest paying clients, I set out to convey a high-class feel. As such, the main color needed to be green, the color of money! I chose a thick sans serif font to communicate that this was an exclusive brand.

I altered the word “Honor” by stylizing the H, extending the left side stems on both the top and bottom. Then, I made the O’s italic to further make it stand out. They overlap with the C’s in such a way that they are “circling” one another. I italicized the entire word “Circle”. This differentiates it from “Honor” and adds more forward motion to the consulting logo design. A drop shadow makes the white text pop even more. I created the dark to light gradient background by first outlining the text with a thick stroke. I added a subtle light to dark gradient and an inner shadow. These create depth and shine to further enhance the image.

Finally, I topped off the design with a golden stroke outline. I solidified the outline and added a gradient shine to it as well. The end result is a mark that attracted the choosiest auto repair shop owners who were committed to investing in their businesses.

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