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Cowboy covers CD art design - "Cowboys Undercover" Digital Music Download Art for Wellington BeckWellington Beck Music Group

Nashville, TN

My client was very happy with how this collection of country music covers CD art design turned out. The only specific requests the publisher Wellington Beck gave me for the design were to incorporate an old school microphone in the title. As always, they trusted me completely to create a professional, quick turnaround graphic. The latest compilation in their country music series became a huge hit and this design was a big part of that.

Country music covers CD art design story

The name of the project suggests mystery, so I sought to create a scene which was teaming with anonymous silhouettes. I also went for an 80’s Western movie poster feel, which is similar to this one. In the image’s background, horsemen gallop along a ghostly trail set in the smoky sky above a purple and blue mountain range. Perhaps the cowboys in the foreground are searching for some outlaw horse thieves.

Continuing the retro 80’s movie theme, I then spelled “Cowboys” in large, stretched pink script font in the title. In order to give it some shine, I added a gradient effect. Also, I colored the vintage microphone in a deep turquoise so as to complement the main title. It is featured between the words “Under” and “Cover”, which are spelled in a radical, classic block font.

These letters also feature a white to grey gradient and a white shadow to create contrast against the cowboy figures in the foreground. This digital download cover art is like Miami Vice meets Gunsmoke!

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